Druid Ridge Cemetery
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Druid Ridge Cemetery in Pikesville, Maryland is home to some of the state's most prominent families and sculptures by such renowned artists as Han Schuler, Eduard L. A. Pausch, and the Tiffany Studio. It is also home to the local folklore figure of "Black Aggie", a supposedly haunted statue that sat at the grave of Felix Agnus until 1967 when it was donated to the Smithsonian. If you visit this beautiful 200 acre park, please make sure to plan several hours to appreciate all that it has to offer- everything from a lake to the gorgeous mausoleum.

Notable memorials are the Gail Memorial, aka "Clotho", the Coates Memorial by Hans Schuler, and the Marburg Tomb, featuring a very poignant scultpure of Icarus. Several prominent or interesting graves will be given their own pages here on The Ossuary, but for now please enjoy this gallery presented "as is."

Druid Ridge Cemetery
7900 Park Heights Avenue
Pikesville, Maryland 21208


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